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ULTIMATE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our Price & Quality Guarantee is 2nd to None. Your teeth will be at LEAST THREE shades (Typically Five Shades) WHITER in a week or your money back, we are so confident, if you find a cheaper product from a UK supplier, we will not only match that price, we will also give you a 3ml Syringe of 22% Carbamide Peroxide gel absolutely FREE!














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Frequently Asked Questions:  
Question:  Why are you selling this incredible product at such a low price?
  We are the Largest Supplier of Teeth Whitening Products in the UK, Europe and the America's. We have over 4,000 retail outlets, supplying over 800+ Dentists/Dental Clinics buying from us, together with our Prominent TV Advertising which allows us to pass the savings of volume discounts on to our clients. Referrals are the core part of our business, with our proven successful results; hopefully, you will refer 8 or 10 of your friends/colleagues. Which is better, 50,000 kits at £1 profit or 1,000 Kits at £20 profit? Think of the referral’s we generate!

The Fastest Way for a Whiter Smile using Smile-Bright
Smile-Brighter Marketing supplies a professional FDA Approved Teeth Whitening System that works with fast results, this is the exact formula used in dental surgeries world-wide but they class it as a "Power Whitening System" and want to charge you between £250 and £600 for the pleasure of doing so!
Now you too can add the perfect smile with the Smile-Bright at Home Teeth Whitening Kit....Today


If you want whiter teeth - that dazzle then the Smile-Bright System is for you.
About the system. The professional strength Smile-Bright System is a process that has been developed by dentists to achieve fast, safe effective teeth whitening.  It is now available for home use NOW! The system works by making a mouthpiece that will mould to the shape of your teeth and then the application of the whitening or bleaching gel - this is included in your pack. You wear the mouthpiece for only an hour to an hour and a half any time of day until the desired level of whitening is achieved - it’s gentle safe and effective. Don't forget you can get this from your dentist and pay between £250 & £600.  Why not lift the phone and ask your dentist for a quote - we know the prices they're charging. It’s not only for people who have stained teeth it’s also for people who want to enhance their smile. The active ingredient in Smile-Bright is a 22% Carbamide Peroxide Formula. This formula is a water based gel with added fluoride (sodium fluoride  0.1% w/w).
How does it work?
Once the Smile-Bright gel is in contact with your teeth the solution is broken down into oxygen and this in turn penetrates the microscopic tubules (Pores) of your teeth and removes the stained organic material from the teeth. Best of all it penetrates all the way to the dentine level of the tooth and so the effect is thorough rather than just bleaching the enamel and because of this it is very long lasting, requiring a top up only every six to nine months.
How white will my teeth get?
This all depends on the nature of staining, the length of the treatment and the natural color of your teeth. Most will notice a dramatic change immediately and may experience up to ten shades of color change ...So get ready for the  compliments!
Is it permanent?
For most people the results are very long lasting usually for several years with a touch up every six to nine months or so and don't forget, exposure to the usual staining products tea, coffee, smoking, red wine, cola, spicy foods will have an effect.
Get it NOW!
Any special occasions on the way? A birthday? Getting some photos taken? This is an ideal way to improve your smile without resorting to a dip into your overdraft. What about those of you getting married - want those smiles to be the best they can? Do you appear on TV or even do a bit of modeling? or just want the best smile around, if so the Smile-Bright System is  for you!





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